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Commission Details

Commission Details

Commission Details


To do:

flat - - for design

Raffle winners:
OkamiWhitewings - Flat color -

animalartist16 - Art or shiny Cottonee, Tynamo, Poochyena, Mudkip, Treecko - Pokedex help

SOLIDShift - Anything - $10.00 gifted

fricklefrackles - Anything - $9.00 gifted



art trade

commission [paid]

art for design

commission [paid]


Jul 24, 2014
10:29 am
Jul 24, 2014
8:30 am
Jul 24, 2014
8:20 am
Jul 24, 2014
7:20 am
Jul 24, 2014
12:06 am


3DS Friendcode: Chalky | 0533 - 4141 - 6247
Secondary Friendcode: Oliver | 3797 - 7310 - 0890

Shiny Pokemon by mute-owlShiny PokemonShiny Pokemon by mute-owl
Telula / Gloom > Bellossom - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Crylo / Manectric - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Jericho / Carracosta - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Hatched [5IV]
Reaper / Emboar - Male Symbol by mute-owl -Hatched [4IV]
Nyyru / Heatmor - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Hatched [4IV] Present by mute-owl
Grove / Eevee > Leafeon - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Hatched [2IV] Present by mute-owl
フライゴン / Flygon - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Hatched [2IV] Present by mute-owl
Xandyr / Breloom - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV] Present by mute-owl
Eira / Avalugg - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Araiah / Driftblim - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Umbra / Chandelure - Male Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Sparkling by mute-owl Shiny Bellossom Sprite by mute-owl Shiny Manectirc Sprite by mute-owl Shiny Carracosta Sprite by mute-owl Emboar Shiny Sprite by mute-owl Sparkling by mute-owl
Sparkling by mute-owlShiny Heatmor Sprite by mute-owl Leafeon by mute-owl Shiny Flygon Sprite by mute-owl Art 3 by mute-owlSparkling by mute-owl
Sparkling by mute-owlAvalugg by mute-owl Driftblim by mute-owl Chandelure by mute-owlSparkling by mute-owl

x Escaped Shinies x
Charlotte / Scyther - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Lv.17 - Safari Zone [Pokemon Zeta]

Present by mute-owl Shinies I've Gifted or Traded Present by mute-owl
Sandstorm / Sandshrew - Male Symbol by mute-owl - animalartist16

<> Tradeable Shinies <>
Luminary / Phantump - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Maujjem / Boldore - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]
Bergmite - Female Symbol by mute-owl - Friend Safari [2IV]

- Extras -
R-Clone 02 / Ditto - Reddit giveaway
Metagross - Wondertrade [for Tirtouga baby]

Most shinies seen in one day: 4

Shiny album:


► chalky | 18 | gender fluid | single | pansexual ◄

i am a digital artist that thrives in drawing anthropomorphic animals and fantasy creatures. it's mostly a hobby, but i do take commissions from time to time. i try to be friendly, and i will reply to most all comments, but i prefer to keep to myself. i aspire to run my own interior design business one day. i'm super lax though so at least i'm easy to get along with.

♥ birds, cats, animals, sweet food and drink ♥
♥ soft blankets, socks, digital art, warm colors ♥

black divider by ToxiceStea


Animated sprite by Pokekoks

"I'd trip over a ladybug if I wasn't careful."
"Crazy drug dealing stuffed lions at the fair, man."
"Friendship = arguing about the Lion King."
"Her tits are like pepperonis."
"I just sat in a poot and floated."

Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓢⓣⓞⓡⓨ ⓞⓕ Ⓨⓞⓤ

Page background -
black divider by ToxiceStea



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i like your art.
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